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Mobile app development services have gone a long way to provide convenience to users. Good user interface, attractive design and feature rich apps are top grossing ones in the store. Though the development stage in app creation takes up maximum amount of time, the task of developers is not finished once they have built the app. In fact, it can be called as a good start.

Changing user requirements and technology updates demand for app maintenance. Though your app matched all user requirements at the time it was developed, the same may not hold true in the current situation. As a result, it is mandatory to maintain the app with respect to server usage and performance optimization for giving the best experience to users.

Server maintenance:

  • There has to be a technical person to take care of server crash or downtime cases 24*7. Users should not face any sort of inconvenience during their app using experience.
  • The load on the server should be analyzed from time to time. Over pushing server limits can result in crashing.
  • At an early stage of development, cloud server may have fulfilled the needs. However, it is wise to switch to auto scaling once the number of users accessing your app increases. The later one manages the load and scales server capacity accordingly on its own.
  • To be on a safe side, take back up of database, images, code and server configuration on a regular basis. This back up is your support in case something goes wrong and you happen to lose all the data.
  • Optimizing performance:

  • The main motive behind regular maintenance is to optimize the run time performance of the app.
  • Caching is often used to store information on the local server. This not only reduces load on the server but also paces up the speed of performance.
  • To ensure short response time for users belonging to foreign countries, placement of server should be done strategically. Set up servers according to the geographical locations from where your app gets maximum traffic.
  • If your users share photos frequently through your app, include file compression functionality to reduce the load on server.

  • All in all, success of app purely depends on how you maintain it. Apps that fix the bugs and optimize the performance timely find a long term place in smartphones. Change is the law of the universe and mobile app development field is no exception to this!

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